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Premium CS2 Cheat - Reviews

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Premium CS2 Cheat
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its so good
best of cs2 fr
nice cheat
amazing skin changer!
really good
very good inventory channger
Rating this after 10 games, I understand that this is the first version of the cheat and yet it still performs great. I have countered a few crashes but those were caused by wrong settings. The cheat itself as of now works perfect and Is only getting better. 5/5 waiting for updates!
Tried it again, for now pretty great. Finally a NEW UI! And Inventory Changer as promised. Please add more features within the next weeks and this will be the best cheat as in CSGO <3333
Great Cheat for now. Inventory Changer is working pretty well and also the ESP is nice! Keep pushing guys!
So i tried new cs2 version of project infinity. i know that this cheat is still in progress and a-team is doing all the best. i am so proud that this cheat finally come up but there is still a lot of work missing. what i miss in visuals is color setting in some features for visible and unvisible. about skin changer, skins works perfectly but i cant edit my skin, i just have to delete it and create new, in config section cheat dont remember created configs and crash after loading (sometimes). I cant say yet if it undetected but its good starting. i hope that soon will be released new features (aimbot, misc + visuals extra, world).

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undetected inventory changer wallhack CS2
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