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Application Guide

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Infinity Member
Apr 13, 2019
Project: Infinity Support Team Application.

You have some experience with Project: Infinity and want to help others, you want to become a support team member? You've come to the right place, please read everything below.


Before applying, keep these rules in mind:
1. You must be over 16 to be accepted, don't lie about your age, if needed we will check it. If you will lie about it you'll just make it worse for you. Even if you are younger apply and tell us your real age, if we consider that you are worth it, you might get accepted.
2. Again, never lie in your application, be as honest as you can, we appreciate that.
3. When you write your application, make it look simple and professional, don't add random colors/fonts, etc.
4. Don't apply if you have 0 experience with cheats, it will be harder for you to help others.

What Do We Want To Know:

1. Reasons, why should we accept you over others.
2. Provide details about you [age/name, etc]
3. Make it clear how active you will be and where you will be spending most of your time.
4. We want to know who is writing the request, what are your intentions, etc, describe yourself.

What do we want from you as a support team member:

1. We want you to be active and do your job well.
2. We want you to be able to work as a team, be kind and don't argue with others.
3. We want you to be able to speak fluent English. Being bilingual is a huge plus.
4. We want you to LEARN from your mistakes, watch how others answer and ask superiors if you don't know something.
5. We want you to be kind to our customers, make them love your support.

As a support team member, you'll gain access to:

1. Access to the premium cheat
2. Support rank [forum/discord]
3. Access to support tickets.
4. Access to reset HWIDs.
5. Access to the " /mute " command.

Application examples:

Dear Project Infinity Team, First of all something about me:
My Name is Max Musterman I am MusterMan years old and live in MusterCountry, MusterCity.
Currently I applied for the MusterArmy and used to work as a MusterJob.
In my freetime I love to hang out with Friends or just play with friends online, I like to learn new things and I am very inquisitive.
Currently I have more freetime than usual so I hope to put as much as effort needed into the Project. I have the whole week and can come online up to 5 hours.

- I am able to work under pressure.
- I am ready to take on responsibility. - I am open to acquire new skills.
- I am a team player.
- I am an open-minded person. weaknesse:
- Sometimes, I find it difficult to maintain an overview.

Why you should accept me:
First of all I like the Project and watched many videos to learn more about it. I really want to support this Project. I gained experience in cheating for over 3 years now and I can say for my self that I know what I am doing. I am a reliable Person and have the freetime to put as much effort as needed into the Project. I gained experience in Supporting in diffrent games such as Arma 3, Minecraft, FiveM and more.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



How many hours can you put in the server per week:
3-6 Hours a day

Any previous punishments on Project Infinity

Any past experiences in being a staff member?:

Yes, lethality. I'm staff on lethality however I still have a lot of free time and as i'm really good at the job I would like to help you out as well. Being staff on lethality means I know exactly what i'm doing when it comes to working on your forums and means I do not need to be mentored or taught how to do everything, I know that it can be a pain when a new support member constantly asks for help and nags, I know they are only trying to learn but it will be a lot easier with me as I have the hang of everything.

Why do you want to become staff?:

The reason I want to become staff is as you see I joined your forums in 2019. I've been a csgo cheater for a long time now and I've gotten to grips with everything needed. I want to be able to use my years of knowledge in helping people and I know the project infinity is a well respected cheat and you act like real professionals about it. I do not want to be staff for a team that does not act serious as I'm very serious about making a cheat look as good as I can.

Why should we accept you as staff?:

Experience: I have a lot of experience with csgo cheating as you can see I've been a member of your forums since 2019, this means I know exactly what I'm doing when it comes to people having problems with their cheat. I have also been staff for lethal with lethality so I know exactly how to deal with every situation and know how to navigate around the forums and exactly what to do in each and every situation

Maturity: As I am MusterAge years of age I'm not childish at all especially when working for a business as I know it can give off a bad reputation. I am well spoken when needed to be and make sure I stay professional when dealing with any customers that may be having issues with the cheat

Communication: Communication will be key for me at the start and I have very good communication skills, it not only for communication with the players but also with the staff team. I know that I will not have the permissions to fix all of the problems from the start and that I will have to earn the permissions for somethings so I know i need to have clear commination to talk with the higher staff members for example if a player needs a HWID reset and comes to me for it ill need to be able to communicate with a higher staff member to let them know the details.

Efficiency: Being efficient is very important because no one likes to wait around for something they have paid for, I will be efficient in everything i do weather it be helping someone sort a issue or find a module to helping someone get HWID reset, my knowledge and experience helps with this as I know exactly what i need to do or exactly who to contact for certain situations.

Multi tasking: I'm a good multi tasker this means I could be helping multiple people with different issues while still making sure they all get the best quality support they could want, it also helps being a multi tasker as I know your forums gets a lot of attention and you have a lot of people that use your top quality cheat and may need my support.

Independence: Because of my experience and knowledge as well as being good at communicating I am also very independent meaning I don't need constant reassurance with every decisions that I make, this makes me and the rest of the staff team as efficient as possible as we can all work on our own things getting more people sorted out at once.

Thank you for reading my application I hope you give me the chance to prove myself to you and let me become support for you. All the best, MusterMan :)

You've read everything, what do you do next?

You've read everything and you consider that you can do it, feel free to submit a request | here |
Our Head of Support will reply to your request after checking it, you will know if you get accepted or not.
Please don't spam admins to check your request, it will result in a denial.
Please note you will only receive a response if your application is accepted. DO NOT create a support ticket regarding it.
If you're rejected, don't open a new application within a month, it will result in [permanent denial].
Do not copy the Applications. If we see you wrote the same you will get denied.

Good luck!


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