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Free CS:GO Cheat Review


New member
Jul 6, 2021
the Free CS:GO Cheat by Project infinity got clear advantages including that it's free and actually undetected there is how ever a few things I am going to talk about that make the rating realistic. Note I am only using enemy glow and custom knife.

Bug Hunter: if you have custom knife enabled the Zeus is glitching fix that please Thanks!

now to the main issues here I want to state I know it a free cheat and doesn't come with customization however even then there is a few bigger flaws I see including the overly annoying glow effect they decided to use I understand that the free version shouldn't be too comfortable but c'mon that's just an annoying amount of glow, also your a legit cheat at least make a glow only visible possible also the glow change is just all or nothing if you see weapons that are visible it will still show them as not visible and since the glow is way too strong this makes legit playing harder then without the cheat. all together it is an average experience including the risk of not knowing if it is even safe I do believe it is safe but I cannot confirm it since I am not able to audit the code. note that there is speculations about the following topics coming from the www RAT/Trojan/Mining/Spyware that's my 100% honest review about the cheat also I did not give rating about speculations but only facts, if I would include speculation the Free CS:GO Cheat would receive a worse rating.

also I noticed a huge fps drop using the free version and everything looking chunky af