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Pros and cons of this cheat


Infinity Member
Jan 9, 2020
Pro: Everything, without the weapon cfgs

Cons: Weapon cfgs
Weapon cfgs dont save anymore! That means u make a cfg for awp with weapon cfg and if you switch to anotherone config where weapon cfgs for awp
are enabled you get the same from the config befor. If u made a semirage with 3 silent FOV and switch to legit it stays by 3. You need to switch and safe EVERYTHING
you toggle another config. I already ask for a fix in the support but they only saied i WILL be fixxed in V2. BUT I DONT WANT TO WAIT FOR V2.
I bought this cheat cause its undetected, have very nice features and is NOT broken!!!! PLS FIX THIS AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!

What i would wish in the future: A Inventory changer who count kills like "Stattrak"!
Maybe a ragebot and desync for trolling

Thanks for reading this!
BTW I recommend this cheat!