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Review of Infinity Premium hack from old Project-7 Ultra user.


New member
Aug 1, 2022
Hello folks!

Thought I'd post an review since im rather pleased with the product.
I've been using the Project-7 Ultra hack for few years (before that I only used their other premium hack but was member of forums for around 10 years) and then kept break from cs:go and all gaming for 1 year, then I had the itch to start bashing some cs:go again, ofc hacking it legitimately.

Did notice that omg project-7 doesnt exist anymore eventho Josh the author of project-7 said it will still last years, and I felt like I just lost a bit over 100€ investment but thats life and it was time to search for new home.
I came across to Infinity after some investigation and did decide to Sub up, did inject the cheat and was scrolling through the interface orwell UI that some people say.

UI was to my eyes pretty easy to understand, and managed to make myself settings that I am happy for in around 1h.
I only use trigger and enemy visuals, I've been hacking for around 15 years with cs 1.6, css and cs:go and never had an overwatch ban, I consider myself pretty good in hiding that im hacking with visuals on eventho I've had my share of reports.

Visuals are excatly how I want them, nice health bar on the left and box around the enemy like im used to.

Only thing I didnt like was the aimbot, to my eyes it looks like too much glueing to enemy. Well the solution? I dont use it.

Trigger can sometimes cuck you out and doesnt shoot or misses an shot, but thats totally fine, it just makes youre playing more humanized.

Overall I would give Infinity 8/10 points.

Heh after reading before posting it kinda sounds like more story of me and hacking, but hey theres some reviews also! :)

Looking forward to play with infinity even more!

Sincerely Pellepylly, 33 year old fart who was global but barely can play at DMG nowdays :)