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EASTER SALE 2020! 20% Discount!
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Fellow Cheaters,

To celebrate Easter, we've added a discount code which gives you 20% discount on all our subscriptions!

This special offer only lasts until 21/4/2020, don't miss it!

Buy here: https://project-infinity.cloud/csgo-cheats/premium-cs-go-cheat.1/

We wish you a happy Easter with your family and enjoy the cheat!

Happy cheating!
Project: Infinity
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Fellow Cheaters,
Many of you will already have noticed it, a new virus is floating around and endangers us. In many countries schools, universities and other businesses have already closed. The WHO has officially declared the outbreak a pandemic.

The virus itself is not extremely dangerous. The biggest problems are caused by the high incidence and the lack of capacity of hospitals. Therefore we are all now somewhat challenged to limit ourselves. To protect the weak and elderly. And I think it also affects each of us personally (grandparents etc.).

I don't want to go into details, I just ask you to use your brain and follow the instructions of your governments. To make you as comfortable as possible at home we offer the following action from today: With copoun code "COVID-19" you get 25% discount on your purchase. This offer is valid until 05.04.2020

Stay healthy.
Project: Infinity
Official Giveaway February Giveaway - 2x 1 Month Premium + 1x Prime CS:GO Account
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Fellow cheaters,

welcome to our official giveaway!

Today you can win 2x 1 Month of our premium CSGO Cheat + 1 PRIME CS:GO ACCOUNT! Thats our way to give something back to our great community!


  1. Prime CS:GO Account (sponsored by exyte.club)
  2. 1 Month of our Premium CS:GO Cheat
  3. 1 Month of our Premium CS:GO Cheat
How to enter our giveaway:

Join the exyte.club discord:
Join the project infinity discord:

(We will check if you are on our discords if you win!) We will pick random users from the discord ;)

Thanks to exyte.club for the giveaway sponsor.

The giveaway ends on the 25th of February. We will anounce the winners on the 26th.

Have fun and good luck to all!

Project: Infinity
Official Giveaway LIFETIME GIVEAWAY! 200.000 Members special!
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Fellow Cheaters,

because were reaching the 200.000 Members soon, weve decided to do a lifetime giveaway for our premium CS:GO Cheat!

Have fun and enjoy!

best regards,
Happy New Year! 2020 with Project: Infinity
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Fellow Cheaters,
I was just on my way and then I remembered that I forgot something. The year has gone by way too fast. A lot has happened. And now we stand here with almost 200,000 members. It is really a nice feeling to know that we have such a great community here. Therefore I would like to thank you again. The whole team would like to thank you again.

I'll keep it short now because I have to be back at the party in 20 minutes. But I am looking forward to the year 2020 with you! I am looking forward to another 200.000 members. I am looking forward to the next version of our Premium CS:GO Cheat. I am looking forward to many matchmaking games with you!

As a thank you, there will be another Happy New Year Sale for 4 days with 20% discount!

Code: HappyNewYear

Have fun and stay healthy!
Project: Infinity

Christmas Sale 2019 - 20% off on every purchase!
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Fellow Cheaters,

We want to celebrate christmas with you! Therefore there is a 20% discount on every purchase until 31.12.2019!

Just use the coupon code "xmas2019"!

NOTE: Because some people asked if they can extend their current subscription, yes you can but you need to do first the payment. After the payment ist done please open a support ticket here (select the payment section): https://project-infinity.cloud/support-tickets/

We wish you a nice time with your family and friends.

Have fun & best regards,
Project: Infinity

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