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PSA: Ban types

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Oct 29, 2018
Because since today many people think our cheat is detected, I decided to create a topic which explains the ban types in CS:GO.

  • Global Cooldown
    • Majorly Disruptive
      • You've played too obvious and have been banned by overwatch. You can read more about overwatch here.
    • Minorly Disruptive
      • You were griefing too much in your games and have been temporarily suspended by overwatch.
    • Untrusted
      • You've used a detected feature such as Fakedown or Teleport. Our cheat does not offer any untrusted features.
  • VAC
    • You see a VAC ban on your profile and in your in-game menu screen? Be sure it definitely says VAC and not game. Now you should know, that VAC doesn't ban single users. VAC only bans in waves. So if nobody else on the forum has a VAC ban, it's most likely not from our cheat. It's probably from another cheat you've used. Check every cheat provider, whether they have a detection or not.
We take detections very seriously, so please don't just throw out accusations that we're detected when we're not.
Not open for further replies.