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Important Recent VACnet Banwave (10/2020)

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Oct 29, 2018
As some of you have probably already realized there has been a banwave last week. We permanently monitor account bans across all users to see whether we are affected by banwaves or not.
While we are affected by it, it's definitely only a small chunk of our userbase. Considering both free and premium cheat users were affected by the banwave, we can exclude a detection of the cheat itself. Both cheats work completely different on all levels.

Also considering only a small chunk of the userbase has been hit by it, we can exclude it's the loader. I've done some testing in the past week to see if I get banned, and it was not the case. I've tested both the developer version and the version our loader provides.

I'm very certain that most bans are caused by VACnet. VACnet has been in place for over 2 years now and is only getting better at determining whether a person is cheating or not.

Conclusion: No, the cheat is not detected.

What YOU can do to reduce bans for yourself:

Be sure to not use too blatant aimbot settings for example. Don't use silent/perfect silent aim. Always use smoothing. Don't set your FoV too high.
Make sure your triggerbot doesn't have a too short of a delay. Stuff like that can cause bans just because we're dealing with AI here that is made to detect things like that.

That should also keep your trust factor at a reasonable level.
Not open for further replies.