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Staff member
Oct 28, 2018
Fellow Cheaters,

We hope you've all had a good start into the summer and enjoy the nice days. We'll use this post to talk more about Project Infinity and our upcoming updates.

Summer sale:

As of today, you'll be able to save 25% on every purchase with the discount code "Summer19".
This promotion is valid until 15.08.2019.

Version 2.0:

Soon we'll start with a closed beta to test out the most basic features - our lifetime users will be the first to have a chance to test it.
Of course, we can't give you an exact date, but we've made a lot of progress so far getting specific issues fixed and getting feature more stable.


We want to constantly improve our service so we're always looking for new support members who meet our following requirements.

Are you...
- ...at least 16 years old?
- ...experienced with our cheats?
- ...preferably living in North America?
- ...bored with lots of free time?
- ...able to work in a team as a team?

Do you feel addressed? Write @MrPengujn a private message!

Thank you very much for your great feedback and support in the past few months! We're very happy about this great community!

Sincerely, Your Project Infinity Team

Not open for further replies.